Directed by Jane Clark (Meth Head, Crazy Bitches)

Written by Jane Clark & Jan Miller Corran


Josh Ratner is a 35-year-old computer programmer. Maddie Ratner, 30-year-old wife of Josh, is a well-respected painter. They have lived in a big city  all of their lives. An incident plus congestion and noise of the City has spurred them on to move to a remote old housenear  Gull Village. As they have no children, they are free to easily move. 


Josh and Maddie have a solid marriage. They are best friends as well as passionate lovers. They honor each other’s independence. 

With a U-Haul filled with art supplies,  basic clothing and personal items, Josh and Maddie arrive at their new home.  The house was built in the late 1800’s and retains many of the furnishings that the family owners have kept for nearly 150 years. Upon arriving they are met by the caretaker and neighbor Fred (50’s). 


Josh clears out one of downstairs rooms and turns it into an art studio for Maddie. Josh spends his days in nature picking up contract jobs in Gull Village and surrounding towns. Life and the move seem ideal. 


The house, as Fred tells them, is given to creaks and unusual sounds. “After all, it’s an old wooden house.” But quickly the creaks are more than typical. Mainly Maddie hears the sound of footsteps walking upstairs, the glimpse of a shadow in a window, and other inexplicable small signs that she and Josh may not be alone. 


Caretaker Fred comes over one day to fix a leak under the kitchen sink. He tells them random stories about the people who have lived in the house since it was built. There were no deaths in the house, but there was the time in the early 1970's when Margaret, the 20-year-old daughter of the owner disappeared.  She was never found. Her clothes were found in the yard. Search parties looked for her for days. The family was heartbroken and soon they closed up the house and moved.  They never sold it until  the trust sold it to Josh and Maddie, 


As the days and weeks go by Maddie becomes totally immersed in her paintings. She spends more and more time in her studio. Her painting style begins to change as she suddenly adds people into her landscapes. 


What begins to unfold will challenge reality and unearth a local cold case. 


         Co-produced by

Three Women in a Box Films 


          Film McQueen

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