Turn Left



Judith Swanson, 39, stands in front of her father's casket in St. Anne's Catholic Church. It’s 1979.Her mother is gone, and, with no siblings, she feels like an orphan. Morton Adler, her father's geriatric life-long friend leaves the wake that follows, accidentally blurting out these words, "If you only knew who your real parents were." With these life-changing words Judith begins the painstaking journey to find out the truth and answer the question, "Who Am I?"


Whom she has been to date is a successful lawyer, a woman who has seemingly had everything under control in her entire life.  Raised and indulged as a single child to loving parents, but still grieving her mother who died a few years ago, she never questioned her identity.  She has taken up yoga and likes to think of herself as ‘spiritually balanced’. She needs balance because she is a workaholic who can’t seem to sustain her relationships with women. Her ex partner, Mary, who still holds a candle for Judith, arrives back on the scene at the funeral wanting her back. Judith loves Mary but is a train wreck who fears intimacy. And it’s all starting to wear a little thin. 


When Judith decides to dig deep and ask her aunt Cecile questions about her birth, she is met with a strange resistance. Judith, curious and determined, hires a private detective to investigate  With the help of the investigator, Judith comes to know bits and pieces of the puzzle of her birth circumstancesThis mystery and the unanswered questions send her into a deeper spiral of unraveling despair. Judith takes off to repair to a  spiritual retreat center where she meets two spiritual guides, Dojin the leader and Madhu who invite her into the world of Tantra. Judith is emotionally and expectantly broken open by Madhu.




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