The Story:  How 'Bout a Cuppa Tea

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Life changes quickly but never as quickly as it did the day sixteen year old Kevin Higgins stormed in to the house and declared "We are in lockdown". From that day forward through no known end date, Kevin and his mother Mary Beth begin to face the affects of a raging pandemic going on outside their home. 


Left to fill her days with meaning, Mary Beth undertakes a review of her history. Re-visiting a passionate tryst from years ago leads to exploring the impact this imposed lockdown will have on her future. Looking back will take  Mary Beth on an arduous journey of awakening to find the person she now wants to be. 



Constance Brennema  Cathy DeBuono

LeeAnne Matusek and Hank Matusek

with Isabella Hofmann



Written and Directed by Jan Miller Corran

Producers: Jan Miller Corran & LeeAnne Matusek

Executive Producers: DenMorlin & Jane Gilmore

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