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Director: Melanie Mayron


As the director of notable films like Mean Girls 2, Slap Her She’s French, The Babysitter’s Club, and Freaky Friday, Mayron has brought her directing expertise to television shows like Grace and Frankie with Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, The Fosters, Jane the Virgin, In Treatment (HBO), Pretty Little Liars and numerous others. In addition, she has been on the other side of the camera as an actress in the award winning Thirtysomething, Lipstick Jungle, Jane the Virgin, Criminal Minds, Pretty Little Liars, Breaking the Girls and Playing for Time.



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Director Statement

"Snapshots" is a film I very much wanted to see made. It spoke to me on two levels. The first is about love. The complexity of love, who we love, how we choose someone to love, how that affects the path of our lives, and how that path becomes our destiny, and in the end, our legacy. All we have is our life. Our one small, gigantic life amongst so many in the world. But what unites us all as humans, is the experience of love. That experience, if we are lucky enough to experience it, of being swept away by the knowing of a partner, a soul mate is the most breathtaking of experiences. And then there is the time we are born into, the social mores at that time of our life experience. "Snapshots" visits the same experience in two different time/spaces, fifty years apart. It is a heartbreaking and yet revelatory story about love and time. 
And then there is another theme present, and that is of holding a secret. It takes courage and tremendous risk to reveal a secret long held, that can be incredibly hard to understand as well as hurtful. In the end, when the secret is out, we are privy to the very private struggle and painful journey one takes to accept, forgive and reclaim trust in someone you love.

I am so very proud of the cast we assembled to do the project and the work that was done. Because in the end, with this particular film, to everyone who contributed to it, it was all about this particular story about this particular love, and this particular family, that everyone felt needed to get out there. 
Melanie Mayron 



Producer: Jan Miller Corran

Corran's passion for films began decades ago when she consulted on the Academy Award nominated documentary Complaints of a Dutiful Daughter.  Another ten years passed and she was asked to assist with the documentary You May Think I Live Here But I Don't.  Corran has gone on to produce numerous award winning feature films, including, I'll See You in My Dreams, Anatomy of a Love Seen, Raven's Touch, Lovers Game, Alfredo's Fire, Out and Around, AWOL, and more. It is now time to produce her script.  SNAPSHOTS has been a labor of love. "As I wrote it, I fell in love with Rose, Patty, Allison and the beguiling Louise. Producing this film is a great joy.



Producer: LeeAnne Matusek

After years of producing theater and short films in Los Angeles, LeeAnne jumped into feature film producing with A Perfect Ending written by Nicole Conn and produced by Soul Kiss Films.  That film developed her skills as a producer and created some fantastic creative relationships.   When she found the feature film property FOLLOW by Michael Patrick Spillers (currently in development), she knew she had a vehicle that would touch and change lives.  "When I read SNAPSHOTS I got chills.  Everyone has a secret right? What if you shared that secret with those closest to you and you found out nothing was as it seemed?"  This film has everything!  I laughed and cried when I read the script and I new I had another winner with this one.  Jan Corran's extensive and broad experience in the film industry has put her in the perfect position to develop her own passion project.  I am thrilled to be on board to bring this movie to the big screen.









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