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AWARDS HAVE BEGUN for Concerto for Abigail




   Art Film Spirit Awards: Best Female Director (won)

   New York International Film Awards:  Best Acting Duo (Monica Young and Andrea Bogart) won;  Best LGBTQ film won;

        Best Cinematographer Cameron Schmmucker won

   Beyond the Curve International Film Festival:  Best Actress Nominee Monica Young; Best Composer Nominee Kanoa

        Wolfe Doblin; Best Narrative Film Nominee

   Los Angeles Film Awards: Winners Best LGBTQ Feature Film; Best Actress Monica Young

   San Diego Movie Awards: Winner: Award of Excellence Best LBGT Feature Film

   The IndieFest Film awards: Winner Best LGBT Film; Winner Best Original Song "Enough" by Monica Young

    Cannes Film Awards: Nominated for Best LGBTQ Feature Film; Nominated for Original Song

   Toronto International Women Film Festival: BEST ACTRESS Andrea Bogart

   Oniros Film Awards New York: Winners: Best LGBT Film; Best Supporting Actor: John Richard Hale; Best Original

           Score: Kanoa Wolfe Doblin; Best Original Song "Enough" written and sung by Monca Young. 


    L.A. IFS Film Fest- Los Angeles Independent Filmmakers Showcase:  Winner Best LGBT Feature Film and Nominated

            for Best Overall Feature Film

   Vancouver International Film Awards: Best Feature Film; Best Actress Monica Young



   Wating for Results:

      Chicago Women Film Festival: Nominated for Best Score and Original Song

      San Francisco International Film Awards: Nominated for Best Score











filmed before a live audience


TubiTV, YouTube, Vudu,

Reel Womens Network



Brett Harper, successful author, whose wife Jillian has always anonymously written the last chapter of each novel, is no longer in the picture...or is she? A dramedy with intrusive neighbors Fred and Madge plus dog whisperer Marie.



Barbara Niven.   John Kapelos


Isabella Hofmann.   Carole Ita White.   Tom Katsis




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Released Prior to 2022







Cathy DeBuono    Constance Brenneman   Max Adler    Monica Young

Adam Huss    Isabella Hofmann    Rich Ceraulo Ko    Roberta Hanlen


Written & Directed by Jan Miller Corran

Three Women in a Box Films        Buffalo 8 Productions








Life changes in a matter of moments when sixteen year ld Kevin returns home from school and announces, "We are in lockdown."  And so begins his mother's,  Mary Beth, journey f self discovery. Who has she become and who does she want to be. 


Constance Brenneman


Cathy DeBuono       Hank Matusek        LeeAnne Prontis-Matusek


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SNAPSHOTS continues to be one of the most popular films on Amazon Prime. It is available worldwide. The film stars three time Oscar nominee Piper Laurie and Brooke Adams, Max Adler, Emily Baldoni, Brett Dier, Shannon Collis and Emily Goss. 


Recently (2021) honored as Best film and Best Actress Piper Laurie by the Iowa Motion Pictures Association. Winner of over 35 awards since 2018.             510-292-9283

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