written & directed by 

Jan Miller Corran






A memory jogged by a teapot from an old lover quickly turns into an adventure of discovery for Mary Beth Higgins and her new found friend Wanda as they hit the road in Wanda's RV/Soup Truck. 


Filmed in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, ALONG CAME WANDA is a romantic dramedy. Blend a road trip with a meditation retreat, the psychic Davina Moonbeam, a horse named blaze, a mountain lion named Gus and a lesson in how to make s'mores and you end up with a poignant yet funny story of  finding oneself. 


Featuring award winning theme song "Just Be" sung by Monica Young. Composed by Monica Young and Richie Sullivan. 


From the writer and producer of the multi-award winning film SNAPSHOTS comes Jan Miller Corran's directorial debut of her screenplay. 




Constance Brenneman

Cathy DeBuono

Max Adler

Rich Ceraulo Ko

Monica Young

Adam Huss

Roberta Hanlen

Isabella Hofmann

Hank Matusek

Carly Frintner

Kyla Harris




Corran produced  with LeeAnne Matusek .  Cameron Schmucker is the cinematographer.

Editing by Josh Rifkin. 

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