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Buried Truths: written by Jan Miller Corran & Adam Huss

McGee's Moon Dance

Jamaica, Iowa (optioned)




Buried Truths 


Buried Truths is the story of Josh and Maddie Ratner. Surrounded by unique characters who have lived their entire lives in Gull Village, Maddie faces her personal demons while being pulled into a mystery that is held within the walls of her new home. 


The idyllic life that Josh and Maddie Ratner created in the City is

shattered when a stalker preys on Maddie. When he is arrested the terror

doesn't end as Maddie is plagued by feelings of still being watched. Josh

wisely takes Maddie to a small town where she can resume painting her

award winning landscapes, he can concentrate on creating new computer

games, and their lives can find the peace and calm they desire. When her newest painting begins to unfold with the help from a supernatural presence, an unsolved mystery from thirty years ago is unearthed, and the clues that lead her to the truth may put her very life in danger.


Will Hope House at Gull Village be the answer they seek?





ADAM HUSS as Josh Ratner







MONICA YOUNG as Maddie Ratner



Michelle Clunie as Trish








ROBERT GANT as Pastor Roger












JOHN KAPELOS as Sheriff Blackmore




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