A world renowned pianist faces the devastating the news that she has progressive hearing loss and ultimate total deafness facing her just as love walks into her life. The fear of the coming sounds of silence consume her days and nights. One day soon she will never hear a note, a voice or the applause. Should she fight to continue to perform and one day compose the concerto she has always wanted to write? Or should she give up and try to accept that her world will soon be silent?





Christine Grantz Shepard     John Hale

Jetta Martin     Billy Rafael     Rebecca Grayce

Saskia Baur    Mike Corcoran


Directed by Jan Miller Corran


MONICA YOUNG as Stephanie Porter


  • Monica Young is known for Modern Family (2009), Along Came Wanda (2021), A Happening of Monumental Proportions (2017) and Community (2009). Her new film The Inseperables  will release in 2024. She has appeared in numerous films on Lifetime and continues to be a highly successful commercial actor and voice over actress. Monica was born in Germany and raised in Toperka, Kansas. She has traveled the world as a professional singer. Her debut album is available on Spotify and iTunes. 

ANDREA BOGART as Abigail McCarthy


Born in St. Charles, Missouri, actress Andrea Bogart trained as a dancer and danced professionally before deciding to switch careers and become an actress.  She appeared in such shows as “Grounded for Life”, “Nikki” and “Off Centre” before debuting on the big screen in “Masters of Disguise”. She has continued working on both the big and small screens, on series such as “Ray Donovan” (on which she had a recurring role) and in films such as Steven Soderbergh's “Side Effects” opposite Jude Law, and has the distinction of having appeared in all three shows of the “CSI” franchise.  In 2010 she landed the plum role of “Abby Haver” on the iconic daytime series “General Hospital”, appearing in over 100 episodes. Her further feature-film credits include “Wingman”, “Life's an Itch”, “Dark Ride”, “The Last Run”, “Back in the Day”, “The Secret Lives of Dorks” and “Bar Starz”.In addition to her television and film work, she has also appeared on stage, most notably in Lanford Wilson's “Burn This” (which, ironically, is the part that “lit her fire” for acting). Her work in the play “A Postcard from L.A.” led the trade paper “Backstage” to call her performance “delightful . . . equal parts sultry siren and irritating vixen”. She has also appeared in over 40 nationally televised commercials, for such products as Coors Light beer (which aired during the Super Bowl), Honda, DirecTV, Nike, AT&T, Cadillac, Electrolux, Taco Bell, Pantene, Bud Light beer and The Gap clothing stores. In addition, she has appeared in music videos for such artists as Smash Mouth,  98 Degrees, Moby and Marc Anthony.





In his thirty-one years as an actor, John has played a wide variety of roles. For a year-and-a-half, he played in The Speakeasy, San Francisco’s immersive theatre experience, as George, as Sal the Boss, and Mac the bartender. He has portrayed presidents Nixon and Johnson in Frost/Nixon and All the Way. Garfield in Other People’s Money. Chris Christopherson in Eugene O’Neill’s Chris Christopherson AND in Anna Christie at the Eugene O’Neill Foundation. Many other stage roles, large and small, in genres from Shakespeare to farce.


In film, you can spot John in Trattoria with Tony Denison on Amazon Prime, and see his acting and directing credits on the IMDb at his IMDb page.



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